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Best Outer Cam Bearing??

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Going to do my cams this winter and switching over to gear drives. The S&S kit comes with torrington for the inners and Nachi 6004 for the outer. Are these Nachi the best bearings to use or are there better ones out. Seem easy enough to switch them befiore they go in. Thanks
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Why would you mess with success? Myself and a couple hundred on this forum run the S&S install kit with our gears, never heard of any issues with the S&S bearings.
Sorry not meaning to be a smart a$$. Just think one should not mess with success and proved components.

Let us know if you find better as I would certainly consider them.
Looking over all those matching bearing cross reference I know the only one I would not want to run is the *** :gun:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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