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Best Outer Cam Bearing??

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Going to do my cams this winter and switching over to gear drives. The S&S kit comes with torrington for the inners and Nachi 6004 for the outer. Are these Nachi the best bearings to use or are there better ones out. Seem easy enough to switch them befiore they go in. Thanks
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Probably more important than the manufacturer of the cam bearing is the correct set up of the gear drive lash. I would not mess with S&S choice of bearings based on the sole ground that I am familiar with other brand names. Selecting the right bearing is a science and I always left it to the pros.
Moreover, S&S provides the Torrington B 148 as inner cam bearings, why would they settle on something below this standard for the outside bearings.

shrike96 said:
Hog, I agree but i wanted to clarify that S&S has been putting the nachi in the kits along and didn't make a recent switch . One other question- Does the intstruction explain how to adjust the gear lash so its with in specs? Have not cracked open the destrutions yet.
Go to www.woodcarbs.com and look for the instructions on gear cam installation. Better instruction for gear lash adjustment compared to S&S.

A search on gear lash will give some ideas, harleyhog's website does a pretty good job too
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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