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Best deal on RoadRage

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Who's selling the RoadRage for less?
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Good luck. I got mine off of ebay, new for about 5.
road rage 2-1

I called the manufacture and they had rr and heat shields for for 630.00. Howerver, I fibed to them and told them I was a dealer, then I had to hang up after some inquisition. Looks like dealers got to make 160.00 or so bucks. Thats ok, so I bought mine at www.gopartsdirect.com online for 799.00 including heat shields out the door. Power commander for 289.00 to go with my RG 06. On the way.
Got mine for $450 including heat shields. Used of course, but look like new. The shields were never installed cause he had heat wrap on the pipes. Think I'm gonna send them to Jet-Hot and have them coated Matte Black. It'll look good w/ the chrome shields......:yes:
roadkincurley or RKC

Cool handle and great build on that bike of yours, What kind of hp and tq are you getting. Ive been thinking on a build in the near future for my flhrci 05. Would you mind telling what the engine build cost ya? Man Ill bet its a rubber burner. Real Cool:wootdnc:
error on webpage

Sorry folks that was www.gopartsdirect.com. and not the SEARS page at www.partsdirect. :OH NO Im melting, Im melting:crying:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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