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Hey all...

I'm just wondering what you folks suggest as the best catalogs (errr... companies to deal with, obviously)?

I've ordered a Custom Chrome catalog, thinking about a S&S. Is there a company that has their own catalog, that includes CCI & S&S stuff in it?

I'm going to be looking to sweeten up my '03 Deuce when I get it, and wondering how I'm gonna find all the accessories.


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Of all that I have, I use the Custom Chrome and Drag Speciatlies the most.

Here is a list of the catalogs that I currently use:

Custom Chrome (good prices)
Drag Specialties (best prices)
Bikers Choice (good prices)
J & P Cycles (prices are a little high)
Chrome Specialties (prices are a little high)
V-Twin (great parts book for older scooters)
Canyon Run (has more exploded diagram views, i.e. clutch basket assm., trannys, etc.)

and a few more that I can't remember right now.

They all pretty much sell other manufactures products. I would get all the parts books that you can get and compare prices on specific parts.

You may see a part in CC that will be $10.00 more than in the DS catalog and vica versa.

Some of this catalogs cost 5 or 6 dollars and some are free. Go to their web pages to see.

Hope this helps.

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