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This past weekend I had a fellow I met on net - www.j&pcycles.com tech forum page - stay at my house as he and wife made cross country trip from California. They've been out about 33 days now and are in Louisiana now heading back home. Probably be 2 more weeks before they get there as they have others to meet. They also have stayed at other folks places they have met as well as camped out sometimes.

It is kind of cool to talk to people for a while and then get to meet them finally and hang out together. Hell, we're trying to get together a Georgia members(of this site) ride sometimes in October so we can all meet and just ride together.

I remember in 1990, the company I worked for 12 year went out of business. Sad that people I had talked to almost daily for that 12 year period I never had a chance to meet in person. Once of saddest notes I received during that time was from a guy who sent his final farewell when they shut down his office. He had been with company 30 years(almost from day 1 since it had only been in business 33 yrs.) and wanted to tell everyone goodbye.
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