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Well, how much will you be out if you file an appeal? Does it require a lawyer(big bucks)? And what happens if you lose appeal...still owe $279 and lawyer fees....or maybe more money for court costs, etc. ??? Plus any lost time from work which you may not get paid for. I don't know what kind of work you do.

Sounds like you had a crappy judge with head up behind who might have not liked the way you looked or something. I know this sucks but looks like you're stuck.

Now if it doesn't cost to file anything to file appeal, and you feel wronged by this a**wipe(which you were), and can afford to miss the work(or lucky enough to get paid while in court...yeah, right :rolleyes: ) I'd file and let him feel harassed for a change. Sounds like you were honest since you had receipts for work supposedly done by someone else. Hey, maybe you can file against the person who supposedly did the work and make them pay some(if not all) of the $279(whew...I think I had some kind of flashback for a moment here :D )
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