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Be careful where you park!

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I'd like to share an experience that happened to me a few years ago on a beautiful summer day. My job at that time had me working a strange schedule.Everyone was working,it being a workday,so I naturally decided to go for a little putt.It was the type of day just made for ridin & I had a great day enjoying the weather with no particular place to go.As I was heading home I decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a cup o' joe & proceeded to pull into a perfectly legal parking space.As I was sitting in the shade about 100 feet from the bike I noticed this big old barge of a cage backing up towards it & I'm thinking this yahoo doesn't see it.Sure enough as I'm running across the parking lot yelling like a banshee the mother backs right into it!The jerk would have kept going if I hadn't gotten there in time, it was my screaming he heard.So out pops this seventy year old guy who says,you guessed it,"I didn't even see it".My blood was boiling but I managed to keep my cool, I just stood there shaking my head wishing this guy was about 30 years younger.As it turned out his Lincoln had more damage than my bike,I was lucky he hit the front axle cap & pushed the bike about three feet in the direction she was leaning, no damage at all.It's a sickening feeling watching your pride&joy about to get whacked! Needless to say my fine day came to an abrupt end but I learned a valuable lesson that day.So folks,if ya value yer sled be careful where you park her & keep an eye on it! Any similar experiences? guido
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