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It occurred to me that I've been able to ride every weeked in January. Gotta love the California weather, although as the saying goes, we PAY for it! Today's riding group rallied up at Bob Dron HD in Oakland. It was a small group this weekend, but we got to hook up with VTF's own DrHeathenScum--a standup guy, buy the way. The weather was in the upper 50's with high clouds as we set off across the Bay Bridge into San Francisco. We cruised along the Embarcadero and then along Chrissy Field in the Marina District to do some "sightseeing." Yup, lots of beautiful ladies out jogging today! We then crossed the Golden Gate and headed off into the Marin Headlands. After coming back around into Sausolito, we hit Hwy 1 northbound and headed up Mt. Tam. We stopped for a smoke break at the summit and took in the expansive view before heading back down the mountain into Stinson Beach for lunch, which we were able to enjoy outside. After lunch, we continued north on Hwy 1 through some BITCHIN' corners and smooth pavement all the way to Bodega Bay. A quick gas stop and a smoke and we were on our way again, along the Bodega Hwy through Sebastopol and into Santa Rosa. By this time, we were starting to run out of daylight, so we stuck to the interstate for the trip home. All in all, it was a kick-butt ride of 270 miles!

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what he said!

nice meeting you guys. I sure needed to get out for a ride today... just haven't been able to time it right lately with the weather or my previously flat tire.

good riding, good views, good lunch, can't ask for much more... though I was getting a little chilly towards the end... brr-r-r-r-r, low 50's! nothing my Gerbings jacket liner couldn't take care of :D

The cows hanging out on the side of road was a nice touch too... two big ol' cows, outside of their fence, hanging out at the roadside, watching us roll by... reminded me of days gone by, growing up near a diary farm and seeing a cow escape for a stroll down the road every so often.

btw, it's always a pleasure to take some twisties with somone who enjoys riding the shitte out of his bike . ;)

Let's do it again soon.

let me know if you need a hand with that switch... I'm around during the days and could show you what to do. just make sure you take care of it ASAP.
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