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Battlecruiser pic

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Here is a bigger pic of the bike. I have had a few requests so here it is.
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wurkenman said:
Thanks for the pic, its a great looking bike. Your nacelle looks perfect too from the picture!

What pipes are you running, and what's that atop your handlebar clamp? Looks like a digital tach?
wurkenman said:
Thanks for all the replies, but still doesnt make the wife any happier over the checkbook. Im running samson true duals with thunderheader slipons. The nacelle is off af a police RK I picked up on ebay (Most of my parts came from there). On the handlebar clamp is a Dakota Digital dash. It has high beam, turn sig, speed, tach, trip meter. and odometer. Really a good unit.
That's easy to fix, get her a bike! Thanks again, the dakota digital dash really sounds impressive. If you have a front shot of you bike pls post it, can't get enough of a good thing!
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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