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This is a twice a year event that some friend of my brother who lives in Batesburg, SC just started doing. They go to Darlington on the Friday before the race. Some folks go for the qualifying and others just go to ride(that's me). I went on 1st trip back in March of this year. We left Batesburg, SC with about 32 bikes, met another 80 in Columbia, SC and went onto Darlington with about 4 stops along the way from Batesburg to Darlington. Then fellas sure can drink a lot of beer. Final total was 109 bikes(not all H-D but all were welcome). Last year when they started, they only had about 20 people going.

Well, went on 2nd trip this past Friday and it was raining from time we left until time we got there. Only about 25 bikes this time. Guess the rain divided those who ride from those who pretend, huh? :)

I even took wife on this trip and about 3/4 of way, I told her if she wanted to head back, I'd turn around(don't want mama unhappy...:D). She said that was okay if I wanted to. Well, we stopped and all piled into a car wash to get out of rain(and some had to refill on beer). I went to store and bought some hand towels, bandanas, and a cheap poncho for me. She had the rainsuit jacket. I changed into a dry t-shirt, put poncho on and wet t-shirt back over that. Made sure she was dry and warm, put bandana on her face to keep rain from hurting and off we went to Darlington.

She held up like a trooper and didn't really whine/bi^ch/complain about the trip. :) Only time she got a little testy is when we were planning on heading back and some folks wanted to wait and have everyone ride back as a group again. First time that's ever been suggested. Other rides, it was people went back when they wanted to. Some of the people in group hadn't even gotten food yet and it was going to be about 45 more minutes. Us and one other rider had decided to head back home and we weren't waiting any longer. We loaded up and head out with brother in lead. Made 2 stops on way back to his house(still raining) and were WORE OUT when we finally made it back. Slept like a log.

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Unome said:
Guess the rain divided those who ride from those who pretend, huh? :)

My wife and I went to the beach this weekend (my in-laws have a condo on the beach between Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach DE)

The trip down on Saturday was overcast but otherwise a nice ride (140 miles). We partied big time on Saturday night and woke to pouring rain on Sunday morning.

Rather than wait it out, we headed back home. It rained like a biatch the whole friggin' way:rolleyes:

Got to test my HD Gore Tex rain gear, expensive but worth every penny. One item I will buy is a pair of real goggles, gotta keep the rain out o' my eyes.

All in all, it was still fun. Color me a rider.

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