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Base gaskets

You know I remember hearing the guys in the service dept. talking about Harley replacing the base gaskets even if the bike was out of warrantee because they know they were a problem, you just have to pursue it. Ask about it at the dealer first them call Harley customer service and tell them anything thats sounds convincing like, my base gaskets started weeping oil around 6000 miles, dealer said it wasn't that bad yet and that they could do it when you came in for the 10,000 mile service, by the time you got that milage you were out of warantee and now they tell you that you will have to foot the bill, see what they tell you, you might be surprised, they may pick up the tab, you have low milage and they are well aware of the base gasket issue. Sometimes out of warrantee is still covered, I know. James base gaskets have a good reputation.
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