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Base gaskets at home

I'm also in the process of replacing the base gaskets, rings , valve seals, cam, cam bearing & seals, and doing some mild head porting and polishing after 45,000 miles on my FXR. If you follow the manual and the instructions with the parts, you'll do fine. You can always ask in this forum - most of the scoop is good gouge or it will be exposed right quick! James gaskets are the best. I also installed the "oil fix" dowel kit in the cylinder bases - but I didn't use the stock-looking gaskets that came in the kit. The James Gasket top end kit is all inclusive and top quality. I change my oil at about 2500 to 3000 miles and the engine is in great shape. Measure your cylinders before reboring, mine still had the cross hatching and only very fine verticals on the thrust faces. The pistons still had the machining marks on the skirts. This has been a basically stock engine for 10 years. High revs and high heat are their worst enemy.
Give it a whirl and enjoy the experience. PackRatFXR

WarrenL said:
Had my (almost new to me) 96 FLHTP in the shop last week for 10K svce. Base gaskets leaking. Dealer quotes me 8hrs labor + parts. I'm assuming the total tab would be about $600-650. Being a somewhat brave soul, I've been thinking I could save some $$, and retain my independence, by doing it myself. I'll have the sheet metal off this winter anyway to paint. Already have the service manual, but not all the special tools. Probably ought to do a top end while I'm in there....This is getting to be a big job, I think.

Anyone out there done this at home?
Are there better gaskets than OEM?
Bike's got 50Kmi; what's the probability I have to re-bore the cylinders?
Anything I should watch out for?

Appreciate any input my fellow riders can offer.
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