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The "Lightning Run" is an annual fundraiser for diabetes research sponsored by St. Paul H-D. One of the HOG club members decided to ride his Fat Boy around the continental U.S. and ask one dealer in each of the 48 states to donate a T-shirt. One bidder would get all of the T-shirts. He left Minnesota and started toward the east coast. Unfortunately, his bike was stolen while in Rhode Island. He flew home to get his pickup so he could resume his journey. When he returned to the east coast, a dealer listened to his message about the Lightning Run and the theft of his bike and refused to give him a T-shirt. He used his own funds to buy one so that the collection for the auction would be complete. That was the "BAD." The "GOOD" happened at another east coast dealer who offered to loan him a motorcycle to use on his journey. While appreciative of the generous offer, the Minnesota rider indicated that he had his young son with him. At that point, the dealer offered to have the youngster stay with his family until the trip was completed. When this very generous offer was also declined, the dealer gave him some additional H-D materials.

The Minnesota HOG member competed his journey around the U.S. and was successful in getting a T-shirt from a dealer in each of the lower 48 states. Dealers in Hawaii and Alaska have also sent a T-shirt for the auction so all 50 states are represented.

I have chosen not to mention the names of the dealerships since I may not have every detail perfectly accurate, but I thought it showed two completely different ways of reacting to a request of a small donation for a worthwhile cause. The first dealership may contend that they are frequently asked to contribute to a variety of causes. In response, it should be noted that since any donations to charitable causes are tax-deductible, any out-of-pocket cost would be minimized. The second dealer clearly is a person with a BIG heart.
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