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Backfiring on new '02 FLSTFi

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I am hoping I can get a consensus view here. My EFI Fat Boy (with the Hi-Flow kit and slip-on SE) is backfiring like mad on deceleration or shifting. I talked to my dealer (a salesman) and he said "Oh yeah, you need a Power Commander". I talked to the local dealer and he said "Sounds like they didn't do the chip download". Then I talked to my neighbor (who I trust more than the dealers!) and he said there's some kind of air leak in the exhaust.
Any ideas on what this really is???
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Your neighbor could be right and so could be your local dealer. There could also be some glitch in the EFI as they not all set codes. If it does it to such an extent it should be relatively easy to find.

Real unlikely to have reversion with SE slip ons unless they were modified in some way, because they are almost as restrictive as the stock mufflers.
Fat Boy,

I talked to my wrench, and he said that it sounded like they didn't reprogram the chip or ECM, and he said buy the power commander. I am having V&H Longshots, SE Air kit, and the Power Commander IIIr installed for my 02 FLSTCI. The Power Commander works for our EFI bikes, like re-jetting works for carborated bikes. It changes fuel, spark, and some other stuff thats way above my head. Check out the web site below.

nothing wrong with buying the PC but you really need to find out whether or not the remap was done. If it wasn't you need a refund or a freebee. if it was done then the PC may not solve it without some custom tweaking of the buttons. either way you need to know whether it was or wasn't done to know which PC map to start with. The maps are different for stock and stage 1 ECM programs.
I agree with logical it sound like there could be other causes. Let us know I would like to know its the PC before I pay for it, if that is the cause.
After talking to the local HD shop, they say it sounds like intake leak. Whatever. Going in today to see if they can fix it. Doesn't it just figure that I have this week off?
Let us know how they solve this problem! My guess is that you have some leakage...
Maybe I'm high...

..but they claim that "some bikes just backfire." The tech rode it around for 10 minutes or so - and I could hear it backfiring - and came back, saying it was OK. He said some really backfire alot, some don't do it at all.
Why am I not satisfied with that answer? My wife's '02 Low Rider (same HiFlow kit, of course for carbs) doesn't backfire a bit. My neighbor's fuel-injected Road King - same kit! - doesn't backfire, either.
Now get this, I talked to McGuire H-D and they wouldn't even look at it cause it had the kit! They said it wasn't under warranty! I mentioned it was done prior to the purchase and he still said it wasn't covered! So the next closest shop is 90 miles away. Looks like I'm ridin....
Was the down load done on the bike? If it has the SE1 intake kit there are 6 washers that come with the kit 4 of one size and 2 of the other. You may need to get the directions from a kit to see if they were installed correctly and the torque on the Banjo bolts are correct. Ask the dealer if there is a way to tell if the download was done. The Power Commander kit is nice if the factory download doesn't fit your needs or if you constantly change out parts and have to keep remapping. If the dealer was friendly he would look at the bike and honor the warranty. The download isn't covered under warranty but the dealer should look at it.
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