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gbenner said:
Top five reasons for a loud exhaust.

1. Good noise is golden!
2. No more jawaches gritting your teeth dodging cagers who don't see/hear you
3. You can enjoy the best noise a Harley makes
4. Cops don't look twice at ANY bagger
5. Your neighbors will love you because you scare off the bad guys .

bikes runs twice as good
Couldn't pass this up :)

1). Loud (not good) noise is not golden.
2). Use your horn. Most agree loud pipes have minimal effect on safe riding and have a greater effect on turning people off and all of us losing rights.
3). Ahhhh. Not all agree here. Take a look how many run stock exhausts and are perfectly happy. As a matter of fact my guess is more people run stock exhaust than any other kind of exhaust system. They are content. Nothing wrong with that right? We're all different.
4). True... unless it's going really fast.
5). No, they will think YOU are the bad guy.

Oh, BTW, many aftermarket exhaust systems... especially the drag and large diameter ones without back pressure make the bike run like crap.

Personally, I have no problem with the exhaust note of other makes. The rider is happy, and so are those around. Don't see anything wrong with this either. Right?

Flame retardent suit on ;) .

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