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Okay, let me clear up some stuff about "nitrous"! First of all, don't ever ever ever call it NOS...not only will you embaress yourself, any knowledgeable person will immediantly assume you're a "slow and ridiculous" racer! Always refer to it as nitrous, spray, or gas (the last must be used with good judgement obviously). Also, too many people are afraid of nitrous. It's actually one of the best power adders available. Not only is it silent (ever hear a huge turbo spool up, and I don't even need to mention supercharger whine), but it's "good" for your engine. Okay, maybe not good...but here's what I'm getting at. Turbos and superchargers force higher pressures into the cylindars...however, these higher pressures increase temperatures and that is detrimental to engine life. Nitrous, however, is below freezing, so not only do you get more power from the added oxygen molecule (N20...the two parts nitrogen slows down the oxygen combustion) you also get the colder (denser) air which contains more oxygen. And here's the best reason of all...especially on a bike. Unlike supercharges and turbos, nitrous is used when needed. It's not a continuous strain on the engine. The one thing I must suggest is check your air fuel ratio...this is the only thing people f up the most! Also, to be safe get an rpm switch (only allows it to be sprayed between certain rpms) and a fuel pressure switch (not sure if this is available for bikes)! Have fun, and happy spraying.

P.S. Get the medical grade for sniffing...commercial grade n2o contains sulfer so that you can smell it if it leaks!
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