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Congratulations to the August 2016 V-Twin Forum Ride of the Month winner, Autoworker and his very nice 2007 FXD. In another hard fought event that ended in a draw, Autoworker was the declared winner. And much deserving of the win.



114 in.
HD 6 spd.
Cycle Shack PHD-232 T
Stock seat
HD Typhoon Wheels

This bike started out as a Bare Bones FXD.The cheapest Big Twin HD offers.
Items that were also added/upgraded besides what has been previously listed are as follows:

Arlen Ness Fairing
Alloy Art Tach Housing with a HD Tach.
Flanders Flat Track Handlebars
Chrome Engine Kit
HD Oil Cooler
Barnett Scorpion Clutch
Evo Industries 49 Tooth Clutch Basket Gear
Reverse Taper Air Filter with a Arlen Ness Scalloped Cover

The engine was built using new Screamin Eagle Cases with a mix of new,used and reworked parts.
Screamin Eagle Race Tuner
HP Inc. 55mm Throttle Body
Flywheel is a reworked stock assembly that had been trued,welded,balanced,with H-Beam rods
Andrews 67 Gear Drive Cams
HD Bigger Bore 113 in.Cylinders bored .010 in.over with HD 11:1 Pistons
The heads are 110 heads that were ported and cc'd by Bean at Big Boyz.
Tuned by Bean at Big Boyz.

It was also put on a Dyno at Paradise Performance and tuned with and without baffles.(Experimenting)

It makes roughly 125hp.with baffles and over 130hp.without baffles on a DynoJet Dyno.

The head badges (created by NoCents) are the result of a statement that my former galfriend said when she first saw the bike after I brought it home and noticed the solo seat.She said "What are you going to do with that thing". Needless to say the name stuck.

Hope you like it.

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