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I will be there all 3 days and plan to enter my FXDXT in the bike show sport-touring class. Any one going???
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I will be there all three days.
Folks, if you haven't already bought tickets, some things you should be made aware of:

1. If HOG(Harley Owners Group) member, you ticket is good for ALL 3 days. Ticket cost at gate will be $55.

2. If not a HOG member, you can only buy tickets for July 20 & 21 at $50 PER DAY. July 19 is HOG MEMBERS ONLY. So if not a HOG member, you can't do anything on Fri. and will cost you $100 for Sat/Sun.

3. If HOG member, there are some events on July 20 & 21 you can attend but if bringing a wife or kid(s) who aren't HOG members, they WILL NOT BE ALLOWED in these events.
Not going to make it. Dammit!!!! However, I am going to attend a party at the local HD Dealer. Boggin, where in GA are U?
doc526 I am from douglasville.
cool, See you around.
Will be there at least friday depending on attiutude of Corporate depends if we stay for weekend..
Leaving from Milwaukee area Wed afternoon. Hope to get there in time to register Thursday. Any one else on similar schedule?

RK99, I don't think you will be able to register/buy tickets until FRIDAY a.m. at 11:00. Maybe contact HOG to be sure. Go to their website and check for 800 number. Just a word of warning.

Where you coming from? My brother-in-law lives right outside Milwaukee.
Bags packed, bike ready leaving Thrs morning 8 am.
Looks like I'll make it up there after all. My deployment to Kuwait is getting cut short by a week so now I'll be home this weekend. See you guys there.:D
Anyone know which independent shops are worth checking out in Atlanta ???? Any places must see must do heading up wednsday or thursday ....
Registration is open 5p-7p on Thurs. Is your bro-in-law going down? I need a shotgun rider to get through Chicago @ rush hour Wed. I am 30 min north of Milwaukee in cow country, Mooooo.
RK99, nope, brother-in-law not going to attend. Sorry.
freebird21 ceck out hd of atlanta. They are about the best shop around.

Scroll down and click on harley daivdson of atlanta.
The wife and I will be there Saturday (have to work Friday and Monday). It's a long trip for one day, but should be fun. It's the kind of traveling I like: Get the Ultra on the highway, set the cruise control to 80, turn up the radio, and enjoy the scenery!

Twin Cam Tom
OK Tom but I like the country roads at 55-60, I can see more that way! I have 3 hours after my lunch break is over, I can't wait to check the tire PSI and strap on the bags. Turns out there will be 5 bikes from the local HOG group I will be riding with.
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