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1. I have 11,000 miles on 2002 FLHTCUI 1550 Stage 1 since May 02
2. No failures - changed inner/outer primary gasket and plugs at 10,000.
3. pass
4. So far so good.
5. I plan to convert to Stage II with SE 203 cam and 34 tooth transmission sprocket at 15,000 miles, then retune with SE EFI tuner. Obviously I don't race but I'll pass a semi at 85 MPH like you wouldn't believe.
6. I run 195-220F front head telemetry on the road with front mounted auxiliary oil cooler. On the dyno I can see temps of up to 250 - when doing rollons to 6200 no big deal. EFI temperature management does not kick in until 300 degrees at front head. 200-250 is fine. Under 200 you will get some knock like at 180F or so.
7. Depends where you measure but the thermostat should open at 200 -220. again your EFI will kick in at 300F.
8. Pass
9. depends how you ride but 20,000 -30,000 would not be uncommon but occasionally they just break for no obvious reason. With the 1550 stock 5 speed should last as long as the motor or longer
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