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Arriving Late: Any Point?

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I've never done Sturgis, and I want to. But, the rally always seems to begin at the same time as the Brickyard 400. It's an annual tradition to gather with friends for the race and I don't want to miss that, either.

The Brickyard is on the Sunday beginning rally week. What are your thoughts about somebody heading for Sturgis from Indiana Monday morning of rally week after the race? Could I get to Sturgis by Wednesday? If you were doing it would the trip be worth it to you? See any problem in my getting partial week lodging?

Decisions. Decisions. What to do? :huh: :confused:
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My experience...

I went to Sturgis in '04. Left home on Monday and arrived in Sturgis on Thursday. With the ammount of bikes and trailers I saw going the other way, I thought I'd be the only one around by the time I got there. Yeah, right.

I'm sure I missed some stuff, but I got plenty of the Sturgis experience the last few days of the rally. I actually am glad I showed up mid week because I had the days to experience the actual rally, but I was also able to stay a few extra days and do alot of the sight-seeing without the usual biker deluge, not that I would have really minded, but it was just nice basically being on my own.

I don't think you'll miss too much of the experience by arriving on Wednesday, and if you can stay past Sunday, you'll have a great time riding the roads and seeing the sights with a little less traffic.

However you do it, you'll have a ball.

One good point for arriving late is to avoid the largest part of the crowd. The highest number of people are in town Sunday through Tuesday. Wednesday to Sunday are when most people that traveled a long distance start leaving and Friday and Saturday are the Weekend crowd. The ones that are a days ride out and just go for the end party.
If you camp, finding a place should not be a problem. All the Vendors and stuff is still there.
the rally has different times during the week its operating. the first weekend of the rally is bar far the busiest. by wednesday, it peaks, and you start to see few less people. by the weekend, the second weekend of the rally, its definately NOT as busy, but that in return could be a good thing if you want to get some riding in the hills done before you go. less crowded. by sunday night, the town is a ghost town once again. a person wouldn't even know that we just celebrated the granddaddy of them all the week before:laugh:
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