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Run a can of BG44K (p/n 208) through the next 3 fillups. I think they call it platinum now. If you can find the old stuff with the gold label get it. That will clean those piston tops etc. pretty good. If you can't find that or don't want to pay the cost (over $20 to $30 for an 11 oz. can) find some Redline fuel treatment. That has a high concentration of PEA for cleaning combustion deposits.

Hard to tell from the top pic, but the bottom looks like a small dome. I never could find the specs for the pistons, and I don't have a setup for measuring dome volume. But several places I found while searching said it was a 7 cc dome. Since I haven't seen the piston tops in over 12 years, that could be the shape.

The ones I have were made for Harley by Arias. Big letters on the underside of the piston.

You still don't know what you have as there were std. and 2 oversized available.

Is that ignition module adjustable? Any trimpots, knobs, or dials? Just because it will let you rev to 7K might not be a very good idea. Even with forged pistons.
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