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Anyone with experience with WCC Hell Bent Pipes or Supertrapp Yaffe Crack Pipes?

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I have a 2002 FXSTBI just a couple of short weeks away -- I am going to be doing the Stage 1550 Kit upon arrival -- in addition to many other mods! Many will ask, "why not go with the Stage II kit?" -- because I want to maintain my warranty.

Anyway, my default pipe choice is V&H Big Shots -- no big surprise there!:D I was at the Baltimore bike show a couple of weeks back and saw both the West Coast Choppers Hell Bent Pipes and the Supertrapp Yaffe Crack Pipes on a few of the customs -- and both of these pipes fit the TC88. I wanted to see if anyone has experience with either pipe. My guess is the Supertrapp is a quality unit (considering they have been buliding bike pipes for a number of years) while the WCC unit, while beautiful, is more "show than go" -- and they are outrageously expensive ($999). I don't want to drop that kinda of cash and find out the pipes suck -- "but they look good!" :rolleyes:

Any information is appreciated -- I am guessing the safe bet is the V&H's...
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Pipes/exhaust systems are very personal. Everyone has his/her favorite. Let me begin by saying I do NOT have any direct knowledge of the WCC pipe. That being said, going with the known rather than the unknown is usually safe! And, IMHO a thousand bucks is a LOT of money for pipes. You're right the safe bet is the V & H. FYI. I've seen some survey info that S/E II's are the most common exhaust on TC-88's. Number 2 is the V & H.
Re: Pipe selection...


I recall reading an exhaust comparison in either Hot Rod Bikes or American Iron magazine awhile back. The West Coast Choppers, Hell Bents performed very well mainly due to thier stepped design which creates a desireable scavenging effect.

As for the Paul Yaffe, Crack Pipes I haven't a clue. They sure do look purty though! I do believe they are straight through drags so the addition of torque cones would be a good idea to aid in low end torque.

Straight pipes are great for wide open, ultimate horse power situations but do little for low end.

As PasadenaJim stated, it's a matter of personal preferrence.

Have fun

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Pasadenajim and Mike --

Thanks for the info -- I completely understand that pipes (at least aesthetics) are purely personal -- I guess I was looking more for performance type info... And that was provided...

I really like the look of the Hell Bents -- and many people are now copying the basic design -- I just have a hard time paying a grand for a set of pipes -- especially if they don't perform. I am trying to build a custom, daily rider -- not something that I tow around -- no problems with that, just not my preference. I know that some of the pipes out there are more for "show than go..."

Thanks for the info. I am hoping that someone has installed the Yaffe Crack Pipes and can comment. Thanks again guys -- this board is great! :)

I put the Hell Bent's on a 107" and a 131" and they had no real tuning issues, but these guys really don't care about money. They work better then drag pipes but no question in my mind that even a simple Thunderheader will outperform them.

If you want the look at a better price there is another option HERE. They look good but I wouldn't bet much on their performance. Strictly a look thing.
Hippo --

Thanks for the info -- I have already checked the Wicked Bros stuff -- real nice looking -- just didn't have confidence that they would perform on my application. I know the Thunderheaders are great performance-wise -- just doesn't fit with the look that I am trying to acheive. I am looking for the best aesthetics I can get without sacrificing the performance of my 95" TC Injected.

re: pipes


I may be jumping in a little late but I haven't had a great deal of time to read through all of the posts. I talked with an engineer at V&H back when I was looking for pipes for the FatBoy. I too loved the look of the Big Shots, but I was also concerned with performance as well. I got in touch with an engineer there named Eddie Tejeras. He told me straight up that the straight shots were the best performing pipes. I already had a set on my bike but was considering changing, I planned to justify it to myself buy using the performance gain angle... oh well. I'm still running the straight shots and they are excellent performers, look good to. If he is still with V&H you may be able to reach him at [email protected] . He was very honest and I appreciated his advice. Hope this helps.

Budman --

Thanks for the excellent info -- no, it's not too late! I "had" actually made the decision to go with the Big Shots. I can't justify the grand for the WCC pipes...

I'll try to contact him -- run my application (95" EFI) by him and see what he suggests. Thanks again and I'll let you know what I find out.

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