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When I was young and foolish (now I'm not so young and not so foolish) I used to say windshields were for sucks, but after a few rides in the rain alongside my buddy with a windshield smoking a cigar and looking rather comfortable, I had to think whats better "Cool" or "Cool comfort".
I enjoy a windshield!
On the plus side, the touring windshield easily detaches for cruising around town and simply clips back on for the neccessary wind break for highway cruising.
On the down side the double curvature of the touring screen has a little too much distortion at the top of the screen. (the transition zone between looking over or thru the shield is distracting)
Depending on your height this is or isn't an issue. I am 5'11" with long legs and a short torso so the distortion is a little more bothersome. If your head sits a little higher over the screen its not so bad.
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