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2003 Fat Boy #125 of 150 Radical Real Fire Orange Limited Edition Tins
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Does anyone have any better pictures of the Radical Paint Set for Fat Boy® - Real Fire Orange with Orange Flame part number 95710-03BHB better than the one I have posted?

After being sick of seeing so many damn 2003 bikes in Gunmetal Pearl in my area, all with the same logo's I have been hunting for some custom paint, and low and behold fell in love with the new Real Fire Orange with Orange Flame Fatboy limited edition paint set for my Fatboy. A dealer near by won the lottery for this paint set and is going to sell it to me. The problem is I need a nicer/larger picture to drool over before I receive this paint set in 2-3 weeks (assuming it arrives with no damage to the dealer) :eek:

So, do any of you have any better/larger pictures than this that was lifted off of the web site? :)

Hi, it's been sometime since this was originally posted, yet, I have #125 of 150 Radical Real Fire Orange on my Fat Boy. I hope that you are still enjoying it! Please, out of curiosity, how much did the fenders and tank alone by themselves cost you back then? Thank you!
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