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Anybody Have The Cycle Shack 1 3/4" Shotgun Drag Pipes ?

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Hi everybody. Anybody have any experience with these slip ons? I'm looking for a loud and bassy sound for my '02 Fatboy EFI but in reading through the posts here, a slip on would be good for me right now as I haven't done the stage I or intake kits. Any comments?


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ANY Cycle Shack pipe, especially drags (wide open) will require a breather kit. The stock stuff just won't provide enough air. Does Cycle Shack make a slip on drag? I think all the slip-ons they make are baffled, they still sound good though and they'll provide better overall performance than a drag. If it matters to you, they're louder and cheaper than the SE II's.
Hey Sned,

Thanks for the info. I'm thinking slip ons just to hold me over until I can do the whole thing with stage I, etc...
I have the same slipons your thinking of..

putting on your bike. Cycle shack slip ons 1 3/4 shotgun style.
They have about 100 miles on them.. I bought them for $130. I'll sell
em to you for $80.. They're in great condition and easy to install..
Let me know if you're interested..

I used these pipes just like you're thinking of using them.. Until I had enough $$ to do carb kit, aircleaner and complete exhaust.

They sound great. I think they sounded deeper and better than the
V&H Big shots... Less clacky and more deep rumble. Sound great when you nail the throttle.
Here's a pic

I still need to get the part number, but here they are..
Great shape..

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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