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Any tips on getting around shifter shaft 2000 dyna

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I'm removing the inner primary and ran into a problem of getting around the shifter shaft to be able to lock up the compensator/clutch so I can remove them. It's a 2000 dyna superglide that's got a leaking inner seal. I'm quite capable as a mechanic and have good tools but am getting beaten be a shifter tube. Lol. any tips would be greatly appreciated and tried
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My shifter tube is still installed I'm going to put a plug in it as I've got forward controls I've got a wood block to lock them up but can't seem to get enough angle because of the shifter shaft being in the way
I ended up going to the home depot and buying a piece of 1-1/4" × 1/4" flat stock steel and cut a piece to fit was thin enough and strong enough. Thank you everyone
By the way gentleman. It ended up being 9.5"" and 9.75" had to make and use 2 to get around the stock raised bolt holes in the inner. For future reference. I know you guys are thinking I'm crazy and your probably right but that's how I worked it out
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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