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any softail historians out there?

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I may be all wet - usually am - but I thought softails originally came with a monoshock on the back. I know the new ones come with dual shocks on the back. So if they did come with monoshocks at one time what year was the change over made?

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Not a dirt bike, never a mono shock. Under the frame dual shocks since 1984.
Slightly off topic here but...

While perusing over the 50 or so used bikes in the basement of the dealership last year, I saw a first run, Shovel powered, '84 Softail with a kicker. The bike had a medium blue poly frame and darker blue poly sheet metal.

I was quite intrigued with this bike! The owner of the store informed me of it's originality right down to the funky mismatched paint, and its rarity.

Anyone else ever seen one of these rare birds?


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