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Do I regret buying my VROD?

No way! Every time I ride the thing I marvel what HD has created. Its totally different from any thing HD has every done or produced, and I've had 7 various motorcycles from a HD Badboy to Suzuki crotch rockets , been riding for 28 years. The VROD handles great, is so smooth, runs like a bat outa hell for a twin configuration, steering input is precise and very easy to control, suspension is quite compliant, and it looks so damn BAD! I painted mine black a month after I got it, I got a thing for black and the VROD looks so BAD black, it really complements the lines of the machine. I predict right now HD will offer them in black eventually. Everywhere I go, people coment about it. I was in the French Quarter in New Orleans and this old school biker who owns a road king classic waved me aside, wanted to take a good look and tell me "that thing is so BAD!" People at work love it. Yes, if you don't like attention or answering questions, or you just broke out of jail, then the VROD isn't the motorcycle for you. My other bike is a 2000 Titan Pheonix ZRM, black of course with some mods, and it's getting neglected, gathering dust. Guess I should just sell it. My only complaint about the VROD is HD should have stuck with the 28 tooth front pulley they were planning for North American models instead of the 30/72 tooth European gearing for all, its just a bit too tall. Taking off from dead stop requires too much clutch slipping for my taste and would really help the 0-60 accelleration times. I want a 28 tooth front pulley bad. But I have no regrets about plunking down my hard earned cash for this one boys........
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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