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OK, somebody's got to say it...

Some regrets...

I live in London (UK) and the looks of the bike mean I have to be even more careful where I leave it , if I want it to be there when I get back.

The suspension, although not bad, is not as forgiving as my other ride..a BMW with telelever/paralever suspension, and we have our share of pot holes...

The brakes again not bad, but when you're used to having them linked and wth second/third generation ABS, you miss it

Finally, not strictly a bike complaint, but I bought the hard saddle bags, which looked great in the pics, and promised to be useful, turned out to be small and flimsy for what you'd expect to get for £900.

Well, I still had the seat replaced, coolant pipe braided, touring shield etc. and cant for the life of me, talk myself into selling it...I love the ride, get into quite a melancholy mood cruising...hmm.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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