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Any good maitenace Video out there for Dynas?

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Does anyone knows of any good maintenance videos for Dynas? I love to ride but I really don't know anything about the mechanicals of it, in fact, I am embarrased to say but I have not even change the oil on my 05 Dyna, now with 10k, even though I used to do all of that on my old honda.
Please help.
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Go to "Fixmyhog.com". I think the softtail/dyna video is the same. Very basic and takes some of the mystery out.
I would get a service manual and read front to back and then spend all free time here.....this forum is better than the manual.........the fix my hod dvd is not listed for dyna yet. I would wait til they make one specially for dynas....
Don't bother to wait for a dyna fix my hog video........the softtail video will work OK for you!
oaksmith said:
Don't bother to wait for a dyna fix my hog video........the softtail video will work OK for you!
I haven't see the Softail video, but I spoke to the owner at Fix My Hog. I don't think he's planning on making a Dyna video. He recommended I get the Softail one.
the softail one might be close. I have never seen these videos, so i don't know how in depth they go, so i might step on my toes a little.There is a lot of differences between a softail and a dyna.It is the same idea, basically....but changing oil is different,rear suspension different,ignition/wiring/electrical different but similar...frames, trannys, primarys are different.....however there are alot of similarites as well. So al in all it may not be a bad idea to get it if you are a beginner but get the manual specific to your bike as well, and get really familiar with it. It all starts with an oil changes, then the quest for power comes and you will have the engine in 100 pieces........good luck and we are here to help and sometimes entertain....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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