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Antenna "tape" performance?

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Hi everyone. I'm awaiting the arrival of a new E-Glide Classic--which will replace my FXDX--and planning a few mods. One will be the quick disconnect kit to make the tour pak detachable. Along with that I need to do something with the antenna. Stock solution is a relocation kit, but someone suggested installing antenna "tape" from Radio Shack inside the fairing. I like the idea as it would not only eliminate antenna switching but also save money and (I think) improve the look of the bike--no more whip antenna.

OK, after all that, here's my question: Have any of you tried this or know from your own experience what kind of reception I would get with the tape vs. the whip antenna?

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Only know one guy that went this way, and it seems you lose quite some range, at least as far as FM reception. Might not be a factor in more of a urban area.

I tried one of the little rubber antennas and went back to the factory whip. Some guys just bend the factory antenna and get it into the fairing and it seems to work, but I think there is already too much stuff in there.

Dakota Digital makes a small electronic antenna. LIKE THIS

I have no help to offer concerning the antenna tape, but I can you the stock whip works VERY well. I get MUCH greater reception on my bike, that any car stereo (and I have a nice system in the car).

I also did the detachable/docking system. I relocated the antenna to the SE Road Glide location, with the option to reinstall on the trunk if trunk installed back on bike (it must be moved -- trunk will hit it).

I was reading about satelite radio, and was interested in learning more. It comes over the radio, and does use an antenna tape, from what I read. Radios can use a $350 device to get reception. Monthly subsciption also required ($9-12 a month).

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