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Another Newbie

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Hi to everyone. I am new to the HD Forum and have been doing a lot of looking and no posting so far. I purchased a new 2002 Ultra Classic in April and have fallen head over heals for HD motorcycles and the HD way of life. My name is Tommie and I live in Sweetwater Texas. Home of the worlds largest rattlesnake roundup. My wife and I have really enjoyed riding the new Harley and have already put 5,000 miles on it. I have been away from the motorcycle life for about 20 years, and can't believe I waited this long to buy another bike.
This is a great Forum and I am really glad that I found a place to come visit with other HD owners. I will be posting on some of the forums in the near future.

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Welcome to the forum. Be careful out there a lot more idiots are on the road these days. Have fun be careful and post often.
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