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Another New "Old Man"

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I just joined the site, bought my 1st HD (03 RoadGlide) just this past November. Only got to ride it maybe 3 times so far but love it! My brother has had Harleys all his life. Me I have had everything but that. His primary ride is a 03 Fatboy but he owns a 2002 RoadKing, 1967 Electra-Glide(belonged to our dad), a 1984 Sportster and a 1983 XR Sportster. You can see how I have caught hell from him for about 33+ years! Me on the other hand have had probably 12-15 dirt bikes (lost count) alot of Yamahas from 3 different RD and RZ's, a 750, 2 Vmax's and a 1983 Venture Royale. Also a 750Honda back in 1980, a 1975 Trident, and my last bike was a 2000 ZRX Kawasaki that I had tricked out. The guy I bought my RoadGlide from on ebay also took my ZRX off my hands (he has lots of bikes). I have been riding since I was 14 (in Tennessee you can ride on the rode at 14!) so I have had a bike for 33 years but like I said, my first HD. I must say I like this site. I can learn a lot about HD's since I know nothing about them. Probably get some training from my brother! LOL Mike
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:welcome: aboard Mike. Congrats! Post up often and enjoy.
Hello from Nashville

:welcome: to the forums. What part of Tennessee you from? I noticed on your profile it says you are in Virginia. You sure can ride on the roads at 14 on a 125cc or below. Once you get 16 you can up that drastically in size. At least you can ride is the main thing. Congrats on the new scoot. Post up and enjoy.

From Bristol Tn. I rode on the street down there at 14 on a 90 Kawasaki but after less than a year my dad had me on a 350 so I could keep up with him on his 67 Electra-Glide. hard touching the ground as I recall but was fun!
Hi Mike:

Welcome to the forum where everyone loves their bikes like a kid loves his first toy.

Nice trophy buck and a beaut of a bike you have. Lots of hunters here and people like you who are into bikes of all kinds. (Especially the V-Twin type)

Post up and join right in on the fun.
Hey Old Man...WELCOME...most of us in here have a few or more years on us but ridin' keeps us young!
Hey Mike, nice scoot. We are waiting for spring here also!!!!
Did you score that nice buck?????
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