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Reading the post from our varied membership, it's very clear to me that we have many, many members who have overcome tremendous adversity and are still plugging along!!!:) I'm so impressed with some of these folks that IMHO we have several real live heros here.

In late 2001, there was a thread about who had ridden the most miles that year. The award for the most miles ridden in 2001 went to Highway Man. He rode over 27K miles in 2001. What makes the mileage figure even more impressive is that Highway Man lives in Ohio, not exactly a warm weather state. Highway Man joined the H/D Forum during our first weeks of operation. From his early posts, I knew that he had some serious medical problems, but that riding was one of the joys of his life.

Well, I hadn't seen Highway Man post in a some time so I dropped him a PM. I was hoping that he'd just gotten busy and hadn't the time to post. Highway Man (Sam) wrote back and said he hadn't posted because of his recent medical problems. He's had part of a lung removed due to cancer and the cancer has spread to part of his skull and spots on his brain. He's undergone radiation treatment and getting ready for chemo.

Highway Man (Sam) tells me that he's pretty sure he can beat the thing and he'll be back riding. He hopes to be riding again by June. However, he wants us to know that he thinks we'll have a new mileage champ this year.

Sam, in my book, you're a real hero. Keep on pluggin'. We'll think good thoughts for you, and look forward to your future posts. Anyone wanting to write to Highway Man (Sam) can send him a PM.

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I remember the posts by Highway Man well. I was very impressed with his riding mileage to say the least. Sam eagerly helped others with his input and I knew with guys like him this forum was going to be a great place to hang out. If you are listening, our thoughts are with you Sam and we wish you a speedy recovery. You helped make this forum what it is today and we are anxious to hear that you are recovering and will return to riding and posting here soon.


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PasadenaJ I suppose we all owe you for this. That was one fine post.

HWM is in all of our thoughts and I appreciate your letting us know what's up.
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