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Another FXD Thunderheadder question

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I just bought a 1998 FXD with a black Thunderheadder 2 into 1 exhaust.
I find them rather loud. I see from the thread on this forum that many folks are asking for ways to make their systems louder. I guess now that I am older I would prefer something quieter than the BSA Lightning Rocket I had in the mid 60s. I recall that some of the fellows had megaphones on their pipes with a removable baffle on the output. Is something like that available for my system or are there other things to try as I would rather not have to put the original factory pipes on?

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The Thunderheader is LOUD, I have one on my FXDWG. As far as I know there are no baffles available. Get used to it or change the pipes. They do make great power though.
The loudness of the TH must have something to do with the length of the rear section or muffler.

My TH on my Ultra Classic is far from being loud, I consider it fairly quiet when I compare it to my previous exhausts. And the people I ride with feel the same way too.

But when compared to the TH for other models........the muffler on mine is much longer and therefore must help in making it quieter.

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