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I have a similar set up as Jim T. 98 inch, flat tops, 2>1 pipes, 40CV, 37g.
While I lost a tad of "stump pulling" power in the low range I don't have need to pull too many stumps. The passing ability is awesome, almost as good as my Sportster (it was highly modified). You will be very happy with the 65 to 90 aspect. The heads are polished but not ported or flowed, springs and valves and rockers are stock. THE BIG POINT HERE is that the Daytona TwinTec ignition is an absolute necessity anytime you change cams. Jim and I can't stress that enough. I have a fxdx and there shouldn't be any difference in this advice for a bagger or softatil. One more time, if you change your cams you need the Daytona TT ignition. Well worth the extra bucks. It doesn't make it faster but it makes it so much smoother.

Have fun, Fred
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