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Sheriff said:
I am about to change to the Amsoil products myself. My research has convince me to proceed with the MCV 20W50 for the crankcase and primary and use the Amsoil Heavy Duty 75W90 Tranny fluid in the transmission.

However, I think even if you use Amsoil's 20W50 in all three holes you will be better off than using the SYN3 product. Again, this is the conclusion I came to after a fairly significant internet search.

You might want to ask this same question in the "Engine Oils and Lubrication Forum" above!
I work in the automotive industry and one of my clients is a major Harley powertrain component supplier for 20+ years. I called the R&D technical manager and asked him what he would use Amsoil, Mobil1 or Syn3. He said use Syn3 because the Harley development engineers do actual gas fired dyno tests with bike drivelines versus bench test results published by Amsoil. Doesn't mean much to me but he uses Syn3 in his RK
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