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Amsoil MCV 20/50 Oil Questions ??

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Hey guys...

I'm an Amsoil guy & getting ready to do an oil change. Amsoil has a product i've never seen before, Amsoil 20/50 Oil, Primary & Tranny Fluid. Has anybody used this in there primary & tranny. Please let me know, as i'm a little skeptical, but, Amsoil has never done me wrong. It's a little price ( $8.80/quart ) but if it covers all three areas, it will save me in the long run.

Thanx guys...
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I am about to change to the Amsoil products myself. My research has convince me to proceed with the MCV 20W50 for the crankcase and primary and use the Amsoil Heavy Duty 75W90 Tranny fluid in the transmission.

However, I think even if you use Amsoil's 20W50 in all three holes you will be better off than using the SYN3 product. Again, this is the conclusion I came to after a fairly significant internet search.

You might want to ask this same question in the "Engine Oils and Lubrication Forum" above!
wkohn said:
This is a good paper.
I agree...this is an excellent study. It is one of the reasons (blind faith??) that I am giving the Amsoil products a try.

HOWEVER, the only issue I have with this study is that there is no indication (that I could find) that this was an independent test evaluation. This kind of marketing document would carry MUCH MORE weight if it had actually been performed by someone other than Amsoil. Stressing the testing was performed in "accordance w/ ASTM test methods" doesn't mean that the data couldn't have been manipulated along the way! I have worked in industry long enough to know that you can always get the results you want even when performing testing to standard testing methods!! Being the skeptic that I am, I did not base my decision to use Amsoil completely on the information provided in this document. Actually, I am "jumping on the bandwagon" because there are a lot of actual user testimonies that I have read that convinced me to give the product a try.

BTW, thanks for posting the file! I will keep it filed for future reference!!
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wkohn said:
There is a reason why you never see an independant lab run these tests. They all do work or are trying to get work from the different oil manufacturers/distributors and don't want to upset any of them by pointing out how bad their oils really are. Amsoil has to much to lose by printing bad information or test data. A good name is hard to get and a bad name is very hard to lose.
I actually believe that Amsoil produces a very good product! I also don't doubt that the report is fairly accurate. My point was that it would be much more believable to the general public if it were an independent lab that did the testing. I worked for years doing product development in the technical fabrics industry. We made fabrics for surgical applications, personal hygeine, fitration, outdoor protection (car cover), fire retardants, as well as many other critical use applications. I used several independent laboratories for testing to be used in sales/marketing literature. There are many labs in ALL industries that will provide standardized testing services that have no problem reporting unbiased test results. I currently work in the racing industry. One of my responsibilities is to manage the distribution and use of our racing oils. I know for a fact that there are independent test facilities that can evaluate oils. I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't provide a report that could be used in a company's marketing literature!

I don't mean to argue with you! But in my research on motorcycle lubricants, one of the most frequent complaints I've read against Amsoil is the fact that their sales and marketing pitch is mostly "smoke and mirrors" advertising. I just think Amsoil would be better served using an outside lab and this would really shut-up the naysayers.
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jrrhdmust said:
This analogy is closer, if you bought a Dodge Viper for 70k or a corvette for 65k? The dodge viper has better statics when tested...

Actually, your analogy isn't very good. Being a Corvette owner and fanatic, the only $65K Corvette is the new C6 Z06 and its numbers are actually better than the Vipers, so therefore the lower priced option is better. This testing was also done by an INDEPENDENT testing facility which makes the results A LOT MORE BELIEVABLE!

You know, I don't think anyone is really questioning the fact that Amsoil is an excellent synthetic oil (at least I'm not), what really frustrates a fair amount of folks is Amsoil's OVER marketing of their products primarily by utilizing this test report. Again, I am really giving Amsoil a try because a lot of folks stand by it (not just the independent sales people!). I am pretty confident that it will be good for my Harley!

OK...to be real honest....I am getting my Amsoil from a guy at work....for free!:harhar:
george douglas said:
Amsoil pays to have all their testing done at research labs with great credentials such as southwest research and have never been sued yet.
George, Why doesn't Amsoil indicate this on the report? So you are telling us that the published report that Amsoil uses was generated by testing performed at this Southwest Research (independent?) facility? If so, wouldn't you agree that Amsoil should advertise this point very clearly!?!

Thanks for helping to clear up these points!

george douglas said:
I am not sure why they don't give credit to company's like SWR, but what they do very clearly is give the test method being used, such as, ASTM D-4683 for high temperature viscosity protection. These are oil industry test and are very precise and repeatable. When you look at advertising test claims and the company doesn't back up their claims with ASTM methods then they are just claims. K&N for example makes a lot of claims, but it is hard to find what test methods they used. SWR is an independent lab that has done engine and oil testing for many company's and the government including the military. You can go to http://www.swri.org/ to check them out if you are interested.
Unfortunately, those of us that have work in industry for years know very well that using a standard test method (ASTM or other) doesn't mean that the data couldn't be "massaged". My only argument in this whole conversation was that Amsoil would be MUCH BETTER off showing that this test report was the result of an independent blind test analysis. It would be a whole lot more believable!
george douglas said:
I understand where you are coming from, but don't you think that the 14 oil company's mentioned in their latest testing would be a little unhappy with Amsoil's claims showing their oil not in a favorable positioin? Wouldn't Amsoil be liable for mis-information if they were wrong? How many ads have you seen that actually publish the test data and the names of their competitors? I find this very refreshing to name names instead of product A or B or the leading product etc. I will forward on your thoughts to the founder and management at Amsoil when I meet with them next month at our bi-annual leadership council meeting. They have in the past mentioned in a foot note that the testing was done at an independent lab.
Thanks for the follow-up responses! I am sure that all the data is correct, but like most folks, I tend to be skeptical of such flashy advertising. It usually makes me "dig a little deeper". The one thing that I like about your responses (that I have read) is that you remain calm. You state the facts as you know them. Because of this you are believable! You sell your product well! Thanks again!! :cheers:
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