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Hi all,
My wife & I along with a couple of friends plan on checking out Americade this year. I know it's covered in the events section of this forum but since we've never been I'd appreciate some do's & donts from people who've been. Thanks. guido

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if you haven't already, go to this link and read about some of the guided tours that are offered.
Here it is: http://www.tourexpo.com

You can register early and save some $$ right online at the site. It's a good deal.

This will be my second trip there this season, I have been on a few of the tours offered and I found them outstanding.

There are so many things to do and see while you are there, I hope you can stay for at least 3 days.

Get your accomodtions quick, most hotels have already been booked, however there are others still offering rooms available, ...they may be a little out of the immediate area, but who cares.
Expect some premium prices for a half decent room(s), you will need to do some inquiring on this one.
Sometimes there are some backouts and you may strike it lucky to get a place right in the action areas (Lake George Village).

Plan for all weather conditions, it has known to rain there quite often in early June, .....last year was perfect all week long, ya just never know.

Make sure to visit the tourexpo area, ....this is the spot where all the vendors set up to sell their stuff. There is plenty of parking, so don't worry too much on that, people are coming in and leaving all day long.

You can plan to test ride just about any make or brand of motorcycle from the major bike manufacturers. The sign up lines for this usually takes place pretty early in the am (6:00) lines start forming for the test rides.
Roaring Brook Ranch is the Americade headquarters, and is also the host area where most bike manufacturers are at, ....Harley Davidson sets up at a different location which is in the downtown area.

There are gobs of restaurants, fast food joints, diners, pubs, ...you won't go hungry I guarantee!

Bring a camera, pack some swimming shorts, bring your appetite, bring your friends.

Because this is mainly a cruiser type rally, the folks up there have been clamping down on excessive noise; the motto there is: "Loud Pipes Risk Rights" I say horseshit to this, ....I say "Loud Pipes Save Lives" and I run Thunderheaders on my scooter!
Nonetheless, the excessive badd ass noise jockeys who are looking for trouble will get pinched with a $100.00 fine. Keep it cool and you will be fine.
There was over 55,000 registered bikers there in 2001, this year is a 20th Americade Anniversary, and is expected to be a banner year.

I'll be up there all week, a bunch of my buds will be there, perhaps you can link up with us for a ride.

Jimmy T

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Hey Jimmy,thanks a whole helluva lot for your response,I really appreciate it.That's what I love about this place,a person ask's an honest question & nine times out of ten someone gladly answers!

As I mentioned my wife & another couple plan on a nice easy,no rush type of putt to Lake George.It's not a definite thing yet,but we're looking into accomodations now.It doesn't matter how close we are to town.

We'll probably check out the vendors, grab some food,& jump back on the bikes & checkout N.Y. state a bit, I hear it's beautiful.

I agree with ya on the pipes.I've got Python staggered duals on mine.Nice & mellow,but if I get on it she'll bark a bit.I take great comfort in that,I'll take any little extra edge I can when it comes time to pass the bluehairs or cell phone yahoos.But I won't have to worry about cell phones in N.Y. anymore, will I ?

Someday Sturgis maybe,did Daytona in 97, the best part about Laconia is the ride up,so this year we'll try Americade.

Maybe we can hookup for (as they say in other places) an eyeball.I'll let ya know how we make out on this end.

Thanks for the link,Jimmy, I'm buyin the next beverage.Stay safe,guido

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You got it bro.,

my wife and my two boys will be with me for the first three days, then they have to head back home.
I booked the Day's Inn on rt.9N back in January, got one of the last three rooms available! Kinda lucked out on that one.

The roads up that way are awesome, ...lots of farming communities, brooks, lakes, lazy windy roads,...plenty of running room for a great ride.

The Adirondack Mountain range is breathtaking.

You guys will really enjoy yourselves!

Since I've been buying everyone else beers lately, I may take ya up on one for sure.
When your plans are all set, shoot me an e-mail if interested, would be happy to sit a spell for a sip or two.

Jimmy T.

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What JimmyT said...
Lots of great roads within 40 or 50 miles..Also check out the Warren County website for maps and stuff before you go...
A really friendly crowd...Don't miss the cruise boat rides..Try to get one in the late afternoon if you can...The longer the better..Much of the best part of the lake takes about 1 hour to reach...So plan on the longest you can find..The Mohican is the best bet for that..
Lake George lives for it's 2 month tourist season, so stay as long as you can!!
P.S. We still have to deal with the cell phones and driving...The only difference is they have to be "hands free"...NOBODY is paying attention to it yet....
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