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Hey Guys ( and ladies!!) I am new to the list, and I am awaiting delivery of my new V Rod next friday, I am pretty patient considering!! but I did go check out the VR at my local dealership yesterday, and I am pretty stoked!! Especially since I have not seen one on the road anywhere.
I wanted to comment on the aluminum conditioner that VEERODDER mentioned above called SharkHide, It is very good stuff, and recommend it highly. I have heard other bikers praise its use on their bikes, and it is especially made for aluminum of all kinds. It is mainly used for boats, especially saltwater, but if it can save aluminum from saltwater corrosion, it can save any metal!!! I have already purchased mine for when my bike gets here, since I live near the beach............Nice to have this forum, thank you all for your reports!! very helpful..........
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