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Altering Sport Windshield for Passing Lamps

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I've wanted for a long time to put a Harley Sport Windshield on my Wide Glide along with Passing Lamps. On several occasions, I've posted questions on the Dyna Thread about the combination of both of them. It is generally agreed upon that I may need to either push the Passing Lamp forward to clear the bottom of the Shield or maybe trim the bottom of the Windshield.

I'm more inclined to trying to trim the corners off the Windshield if possible!
Is trimming the shield doable? If so, how would you do it? Any ideas are welcome
Thanks Folks and happy holidays!!!!!
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I've trimmed down a few windshields. I used a jig saw with a fine toothed blade. I think if look a little bit ,they make blades for cutting plastics. When your done, sand the rough edge with sand paper. You should first put masking tape on the windshield to keep saw arms from scatching the plastic.
I've heard of bringing it to a company that installs auto windshields, they have the tools to cut it for you. the post I remember reading said they paid $30.

good luck and ride safe.
I have Harleys removable windshield and passing lamps on my Dyna. I knew I wanted the lamps when I ordered the shield so I got the one already trimmed out for lamp clearance. It wouldn't be difficult to modify yours. I cut the top off this windshield and the one on my GL1800 and find a ban saw works best. When *I* once tried a jig saw, the small blade got too hot and melted itself to thr plexiglass, but they may make special blades now. Anyway, make and remake a template on poster board until you get it right. Then trace it and turn it over for an exact mirror image for the other side of your shield.Tape the templates on to the outside of your shield then lay it down, inside facing up. Cut at the edge of the template and peel the remaining tape off. I used 120 sandpaper on the edge then a fine sanding sponge to polish it off.
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