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Alarm on 2004 FXST

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Just installed a PM fat tire kit and stretch the back bone and new seat pan...with all these mods I need to re do my wiring harness.... with limited space for the ECU and fuse holders...can I remove the HD alarm without issues.
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as long as you plan on not having any turn signals and bypass the wires for the alarm's starter kill (just a ground to the relay)... you should be ok.

The turn signal unit and the security unit are one... the Turn Signal Security module, or just TSSM.

It also incorporates the bank angle sensor, which, IIRC, will cut out the ignition on EFI bikes if tipped over... not positive on that one though.

If you're not that good with wires, don't phuck with it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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