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Aftermarket Speakers??

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Does anyone know what aftermarket speakers will fit and work with an '05 Ultra Classic....front and rear?

I know they are 5.25" speakers, but I'm sure magnet size will play a big role in the fit.

The stock speakers are 8ohm, so by going to a 4 ohm co-axial speaker.....you will gain allot of sound quality and power.


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I looked at HogTunes, but at $225 delivered........I think I can do better with an aftermarket name brand speaker.


I understand the $ issue, but, remember, you get what you pay for. The Hog Tunes are the best, IMHO, and you get a 10% discount by being a member of v-twin forum. Just my -2$en#e- worth.
Hogtunes bro, I heard many others, nothing can compare!

Not to be a pr*ck like some people, but if you do a search on speakers I'll bet what all these guys are telling you will be confirmed. Other members have tried different speakers and the Hogtunes always seemed better. I use them.
If ya want to invest $750 instead of $200, you could try the Hawg-wired set-up. I don't need any more volume on T.Bagger ('03 Ultra)
Also, Pez is a member of this forum. He'll be more than glad to help you out.
And the most important factor (to me at least). Hogtunes are warrantied for 20 years.
You can probably buy better, and you can probably buy cheaper, but I don't think you can find cheaper AND better in the same speaker, plus they are drop-in.
Like Mega said you could spend $225.00 now and be done with it. You could also put polk db's in it. They will fit, but you will buying the HOGTUNES in a matter of time. You will not be happy with anyting elso. I have them and have never had a problem. In the odd case you do have a problem PEZ is the man. He will take care of you no matter what.......
I did some searching around for speakers.........and to get something pretty good in an aftermarket speaker, it looks like right around $80 pair.

So I think you all are right............$200 for the HogTunes looks like the best bet.

I didn't realize there was a 20 year warranty on them......that alone makes the extra money worth it.

Thanks all.

I replaced my original speakers with HOG TUNES, and as far as I'm concerned, it was the best audio investment I could have made. The company is great, the warranty is great, and the service is great.

I have compared my HOG TUNES to a set of JIMS, and there is no comparison. The HOG TUNES are louder crisper and clearer, and the price is just about the same.


I bought $18 wal mart speakers, I think they are roadmasters or something. Sound much better than stock, but I can't compare to anything else. I heard about these from another forum and I'm pretty happy. Not sure they will fit in the rear speaker pods, but they work in the front. I'd say 1/2 volume with these = full volume with stock.
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