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Be careful on the aftermarket radio!

I researched this hard when I was looking to put a radio in my FLHT. I wanted to put a marine cd player in, and I couldn't figure out why Harley doesn't offer an in dash cd player. (after all it is 2002)
Bottom line... Harley's radio is OVERPRICED! but, for the headache of mounting the aftermarket rig of your choice, finding power, routing speaker leads and having to control the unit off the handlebars, Its not worth it.
I've found the Harley radio (which I bought off E-bay) to be quite a good quality rig. I can plug my wifes mp3 player into the audio input jack and get a real nice sound. Also, the radio is factory sealed and has pretty good sensitivity. I used a 12 volt power antenna that mounts inside the fairing, so I don't have any antenna issues when I pull off my tour pak for solo riding.

Sorry to ramble on, This may save you some heartache
Tunes add a new dimension to riding
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