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Aftermarket Heat Shields

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Well since V & H basically told me that I was SOL with my longshots starting to blue on the rear head pipe, right after the heat shield, I have decided to purchase some aftermarket heatshields to cover this slight bluing.

Has anyone used these and possibly have any pictures? I just ordered some from Custom Chrome. They are the flame cut heatshields that will mount over the pipe. 11 1/2 long for the 2" pipe.

Not sure if this was the right approach, but they are already ordered.

Beats buying another set of $400+ pipes. :eek: (these were only $40)

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DP, on a toy run me and a riding bro were looking over the bikes there and we noticed that most all of them with V&H long shots had the browning on the rear pipe in about the same place. It was a toss up for me in choosing the 2 1/4" Hookers over the V&H. I'm kinda glad I went with Hookers now. But that was only after two bad experiences with Samson Big guns.(two sets). They had the optional heat shields which were fine(maybe a little vibee) but the mounting brackets kept breaking and finally cracked the pipe at the mounting tab...both sets. I know what you mean by $400. I'm about piped out. If I have any more problems I am going to go back with the factory headers and Cycle Shack slip ons.
How long have you been running the Long Shots? I have them also and want to know when I should start looking for this to start happening. After some of the other posts on this thread, I may be sorry I did. At least I didn't pay for them (dealer threw them in on the deal). Thanks.
V/H Longshots

I think I first noticed the "yellowing" effect after 1000 plus miles. At this point , I removed the baffles and had the stage 1 download/air filter done as well. With over 8k miles now, it doesnt seem to be getting any worse, but it damn sure wont come off or go away.

It just looks very unsightly. My bike can be dirty as hell from a good ride and the only thing people seems to notice is the bluing of the rear pipe after the heatshield!:mad: Not the other mega $$ in accessories!

I DID notice a tremendous increase in performance and less fuel consumption after the Stage 1 kit. I read in your other post that you were inquiring about this and it is WELL worth it.

I do not advocate hotrodding and speeding;) , but I can now do every bit of 120 miles an hour without problem. Before the upgrade, the bike seemed to "tire out" at about 110-115.

I see V/H has ad for a new set of pipes out in this months HOT BIKE mag and it says that they are virtually blu proof. (yeah right V/H)

But I think these aftermarket heatshields will be the answer in my interim period between changing pipes.
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