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attitude said:
First, none of the 3 dealers in my area have a service manual in stock for my 2003 bike so I'm going about this blindly.

I removed my 2003 Fatboy's rear wheel so I could install a shiney new chrome pulley cover today. Wasn't to bad removing it once I figured out I had to loosen up the lower slip on to allow room for the axle to slide out.

So my question is, the bike comes with a 150 size rear tire. I had to remove both the upper and lower guards, for the belt, in order to get enough room to slide the wheel out. When I put all this back together will I be able to put the lower guard back on AFTER the wheel is bolted in place or do I install the lower guard DURING the process of installing the rear wheel.

I'm really spooked about scratching the chrome cover, or anything else for that matter, against the swingarm. I thought I might be able to place a piece of cardboard between the swingarm and pulley while I'm putting all this bake together to prevent damage to the pulley. Any helpful hints from you seasoned Do-It-Yourselfer's would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Yes you can put the belt covers(upper&lower) on afterwards not a problem and tape on the pulley is a good idea I use Duct tape. I like to lower the bike down onto the wheel isntead of lifting up the wheel and tire just get it lined up under the fender and lower the bike down that is IF you have it on a lift !!!
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