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Hey all, first off want to say that this is the forum I've been in search of for a while!
Secondly, I'm new to this hobby as I've recently brought a '74 XLCH back to life, from:


I've recently run into a couple of headaches getting it road worthy.
The main problem is that since I've changed the pipes from drag pipes to a set of baffled Cycle Shack's, the bikes been running like shi#! I've determined that it is the backfiring in the carburetor causing the rough ride. The backfiring occurs during idle (about once every 4 or 5 seconds) and more oftern during throttle (about once every 2-3 seconds).
I'm wondering how do I go about figuring out what size jet to install. Ive found that there are a range of jets from 0.95 to 1.20 mm. The one in there now is a 1.10 mm.
Also, the front cylinder appears to be running hot. Which I believe means it is probably running lean, right??? It just seems weird that iit could be running lean when it seems like too much gas is passing through the carburetor. Could something else be causing the front cylinder to run hot?
(I'm only guessing it's running hot due to the yellowing I am already getting on the front exhaust pipe).
Thanks in advance!
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