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Turn everything off and check for a draw. If you don't have an ammeter use a test lite between one of the battery posts and the disconnected battery cable that goes to it. If it lites up bright you have either a draw or a short. Disconnect the regulator. Still there? Check the wiring from the main breaker back to the battery and disconnect stuff temporarily starting the furthest away from the battery until it goes away. Then you know what it is and you can fix it.

If there is no draw.
Do a voltage drop test from the negative post (not the terminal) to a good engine ground and a good chassis ground with everything connected. If there is a reading of more then 1V when you turn the ignition on and or crank it you have a bad cable or connection.

Do the same from the positive battery terminal to the bolt on the starter (not the terminal) and to the main breaker. Same thing, more then 1V and you have a bad cable or connection.

You can narrow it down to one side of the circuit and by testing at different points you narrow it down to the specific cable or connection in a few minutes. Not uncommon for cables to look good and be either burned, broken or corroded inside the insulation next to the connector.
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