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Has anybody used the crane or Woods 4 degree advance sprocket on any of the SE cams? Tweeking the tuning on my power commander has made a difference with my 4th gear performance at 65 mph, but this sprocket is supposed to give a bump in compression which is what I need for this build to make the cam come to life. I have a 95" with flat tops and SE performance heads and hate to get into the cams or pistons at this time as the bike still has 18 months left of some warranty by the stealer who built it anyway.


P.S. The bike makes a fast enough climb through the gears after my tweeking and eventually I may do the gearing change to 3.37, but I also hate to give up a quick 110 mph in 4th when I run it out. It's just the response at 60-65 mph in 4th that I'm trying to work on.
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