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Adding fuel gauge to 93 Super Glide - save $200?

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Have any of you guys tried replacing a fuel lever sending unit on your bike with something other than a used HD unit or something from V-Twin? I'm trying to add a fuel gauge to a 93 FXR and can't stomach the $250 price tag for the sending unit at J&P or DK. I was looking around and found a couple of alternatives that seem to be reasonably priced. On all of them you can trim the float's lever to your particular application, so I figured a little trim on the length and a bend or two to get the float over to the side of the tank and it might work.

Ever try?

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Will do. I'll get back to you guys.

Tämä on hienoa tietoa. Kiitos. Huomasin, että kuvio ei ole symmetrinen. Hyvä soitto. Kiitos taas. Luulen, että lähden siihen. Haluaisin nopeusmittarin korkeammalle ja helpompi nähdä.

This is great information. Thank you. I did notice that the pattern is not symmetric. Good call. Thanks again. I think I'm going for it. I'd like the speedometer up higher and easier to see.

Ei kysyvä tieltä eksy.

I have made couple of these setups (for FXR without fuel gauge, this one for my 93 FXR (EA) couple of years ago):
1) Modified chinese sender from local store (sorry finnish, use google to translate):
https://www.motonet.fi/.../492169/Polttoainemittarin-anturi 20 EUR (i have seen lately senders under brand Bosch - very likely still chinese ones? )
2) Bosch gauge from amazon(?) 20 EUR
3) Aftermarket center dashboard 110 EUR
Costs together about 150 EUR plus some wire, connectors, rubber trim.
Some details:
  • those five holes are not symmetric, the one i bought ("for jeep") has same holes than in FXR.
  • sender is just resistance sender, be sure you ground unit to tank through gasket.

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Thanks! Beautiful bike. Once I get all the parts assembled I might reach out and ask a follow up question or two.

Kiitos! Kaunis pyörä. Kun olen koottu kaikki osat, saatan ottaa yhteyttä ja esittää jatkokysymyksen tai kaksi.
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